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IOS [Udemy] Complete iOS Bootcamp


항상 주말에만 쿠폰이 올라오네요.  많은 분들이 프리로 볼 수 있으면 좋을 텐데..


19시간정도 남았다고 하니,  보시는 분들은 가입해 놓으세요.


  • The very basics of developing an app

  • Use of XCode and customizing it

  • iOS Simulator

  • Basics to Advanced programming exercises

  • Basics to advanced user interface designs

  • Swift programming language at the depth

  • Handling touches and gestures

  • Use of graphics & Animations

  • Table views and Collection views

  • Version control

  • Device hardware features

  • Media

  • Networking

  • Maps and geolocation

  • Persistent data, Core Data & Realm

  • Accessing Web content

  • Notification

  • Sprite kit and 2D games

  • Scene kit and 3D games

  • Metal kit and low-level GPU

  • Augmented Reality Kit

  • Machine Learning Kit

  • Testing & Debugging

  • App store and Submissions


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